• Workers’ Compensation Expiring?

    High-Risk Specialists

    Specializing in providing high-risk businesses with affordable workers’ comp insurance.

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    Workers’ Compensation Expiring?
  • Tax & Compliance Solutions

    Avoid Paying Penalties

    40% of business’s will be audited in 2014. 70% will be out of compliance and fined by wage and labor governmental agencies. Minimize employment-related tax and payment compliance risk.

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    Tax & Compliance Solutions
  • Payroll Management Services

    Simplify and automate employee wage payments and benefits with Payroll Managers expedited payroll services.

    Our expertise and state-of-the-art integrated tools will provide the administrative freedom you need. Save time, money and resources.

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    Payroll Management Services
  • Human Resources Management

    Transform your HR from an administrative task into a powerful and rewarding part of your business. Benefit from the smarter, more efficient and effective HR management practices of today.

    Eliminate the paperwork and get accurate reporting on each and every employee when you need it.

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    Human Resources Management
  • Healthcare Reform

    Have Questions? Get Answers.

    Payroll Managers will help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of Health Care Reform. Learn about the upcoming changes for employers.

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    Healthcare Reform