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Insurance, Payroll, Benefits, PEO Services, and More…

We work with businesses both big and small and everything in between. See how we can make work easier for your organization.

Insurance, Payroll & HR for your business

Affordable Insurance and Payroll Services

Business insurance along with faster, easier payroll that unlocks insights, improves compliance and drives toward comprehensive human capital management.

All-in-one Payroll & HR for your Business

Payroll Managers offers businesses of all sizes the best insurance and employee payroll service plans available. Our insurance, payroll and PEO services in Tampa are designed to streamline the administrative aspects of running a business. We enable business owners and managers all over the United States to focus valuable time and resources on improving their bottom line.

With Payroll Managers, you’ll spend less time handling administrative duties and more time growing your business. Payroll Managers is an accredited representative based out of Tampa offering a wide range of multi-state payroll service solutions to businesses of all sizes including, small business insurance and PEO.

Contact us today for a cost-effective and sensible payroll solution whether you’re in Tampa, New York, California or any other state.

Benefits & Insurance

Flexible Fortune 500 employee benefits, and administration.

Payroll & Taxes

Quick, simple, payroll & tax services to save you time and money.

Outsourcing & PEO

Outsource some or all HR tasks and gain more time to focus.

Solutions built for your organization’s size

Our group of companies provides help with Insurance Solutions, Payroll Options, Professional Employer Organization Services (PEO), Employee Benefits, HR Outsourcing and more to many industries. Based in Tampa, FL and serving all manner and sizes of businesses in a variety of states, our talented and experienced team at Payroll Managers can tailor the perfect solutions to meet your unique business needs, regardless of your number of employees.

We work with businesses both big and small and everything in between. See how our payroll management services in Tampa can make work easier for your organization.

Small Business

1-49 employees

Medium-sized Business

50-999 employees

1000+ employees

For over 20 years, our passion and focus has been on helping business owners achieve their goals through our company Payroll Managers (PM). We have assembled a team of experienced, highly skilled, highly ethical, professional business consultants, along with a nationwide network of affiliates, all eager to provide the most efficient and effective solutions to meet the needs of businesses, large or small, local or nationwide. Whether you are contemplating starting a business, managing a business, or have owned your business for decades, the PM team can help ease the stresses of daily business operations with comprehensive human resources services ranging from commercial insurance to payroll processing, employee benefits, PEO services and much more.

Superior Professional Services for Small, Medium-Sized & Large Businesses

Payroll processing, benefits administration, accounting, workers compensation and other important functions can be a loathsome chore for many business owners. Our team handles these tasks for you, streamlining your operations and allowing you to focus on running and growing your business. Leave the financial management and HR administration to us while you invest your valuable time growing your bottom line. 

Insurance Services

Our licensed insurance professionals help you select the right workers’ compensation insurance and business health insurance to suit your company’s needs. We can also provide options to incorporate insurance into your payroll administration and add payment solutions. 

Payroll Services

We do more than just see that your employees get paid on time. Our Tampa payroll services specialists gather data and unlock insights that improve compliance and help you in many other areas of your business. We can also consolidate payroll processing into our other services as needed. 

Employee Leasing (PEO) 

You manage your employees while handle the administrative HR and benefits administration tasks, streamlining operations, providing seasoned advice, reducing risk and improving compliance. Whether you have 5 or 50,000 employees, managing them has never been easier. 

Human Resource Management 

Our human resources specialists are more than administrative and record-keeping partners. We truly focus on the people to help you get the most out of your employees, while ensuring they receive the benefits and tools needed for continued success with your company. 

Talent Management 

Unlock the power of your employees and tap into the vast human resource pool in your area with a planned talent management strategy that guides your hiring and HR planning. Grow and keep your best people while acquiring the best talent with the most growth potential. 

Compliance Management

Compliance requirements are different in every state, and you need a specialist with the up-to-date knowledge and skills necessary to guide business to save time and improve compliance at every level. We can help with superior automated solutions and professional guidance. 

We are professionals that specialize in all those vital areas that give most business owners headaches. Contact us today for cost-effective and sensible payroll, insurance, compliance, HR and PEO solutions whether you’re in Tampa, Florida, New York, California or any other state.

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