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Insurance Brokers & Agents

No business is too small – and we do all the heavy lifting for you.

Agent & Broker Partnerships

Frankie VanDeBoeOur nationwide Agent Partnership Program is designed to provide you the Agent with a variety of solutions for your clients with high-risk policies who are in danger of losing their coverage and/or paying excessive workers’ compensation premiums. You earn commissions and are guaranteed to retain your book of business. Thank you for visiting

Frank VanDeboe, CEO

Learn more below or call us for more information 1-866-684-5684.

Earn Commissions On Non-Renewable Workers’ Comp Clients

If you have clients in danger of losing their workers’ compensation coverage, our team of national underwriters and affiliates can provide your clients with the workers’ comp coverage they need. As their Agent, you’ll still earn commissions on business you’re unable to write.

Retain Your Book Of Business Guarantee

We are only interested in providing workers’ compensation solutions to Agents and their clients. When you partner with Payroll Managers you maintain your Agent status with your client. Retaining a working partnership with you is essential to our company. Pursuing your book of business is not in our best interests.

We Do All The Work

Payroll Managers makes it easy for you to earn commission. We do the majority of the work empowering you to direct your time and resources to attracting and writing new business.

Attract New Business Big & Small

By partnering with Payroll Managers you’ll have the tools to attract new workers’ comp business big and small without wasting valuable time. You no longer need to turn away small business prospects. No business is too small – and we do all the heavy lifting for you.

Please call us for further details: 1-866-684-5684