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Do I Need Business Insurance in Tampa? 

Business insurance

There are likely a few people still around Tampa, Florida, who remember cementing business dealings with nothing more than a handshake. A person’s word, and that of their business, could be taken at face value and trusted. Moreover, disagreements or problems were handled in person, with each party doing what was right out of a sense of integrity. Business insurance in those bygone days was a rarity. 

Fast-forward to 2021 and both small and large companies are regularly in the news about some litigation or accusation. From customers who burn themselves on hot coffee from your restaurant and then sue you for injury to another business claiming proprietary violations, anything that could happen to your Tampa business likely will at some point. How do you protect yourself and your company? 

Business Owners Policy (BOP) Insurance 

At Payroll Managers, we understand how difficult it can be to obtain adequate insurance protection for a small business. Our BOP Insurance is designed for the small business owner with less than 100 employees and under $5 million in sales. In businesses of this size, the smallest mistake, accident or loss could render you bankrupt and out of business. Protect your financial health and resources with BOP insurance coverage that is tailored to fit your company size and needs. 

The various coverages are meant to cover liabilities you could incur in many different situations, such as: 

  • A completely innocuous remark during a marketing interview causes a competitor to take offense and sue, alleging that your remark was aimed at negatively affecting their company. 
  • Your latest print ad inadvertently uses copyrighted material, and the owner sues your company for unauthorized use of their intellectual property. 
  • A customer slips and falls on an icy walkway just outside your entrance, and sues because of their injuries. 
  • Your employee damages a client’s property with a company vehicle while on the job. 

BOP insurance from Payroll Managers conveniently combines crime protection, liability insurance, property insurance and other valuable protections into a single, affordable package. Plus, as your business grows and its needs change over time, our insurance specialists can help you maintain the best coverage for new challenges. 

Other Property & Casualty Protections 

Payroll Managers also offers other insurance protections in Tampa that are designed to meet specific needs for a variety of businesses. Our other property and casualty protection products include: 

  • Workers Compensation
  • Statutory Disability 
  • Umbrella Liability 
  • Business Automotive
  • Employee Health & Benefits Packages 

Payroll Managers gives your company its own Client Relationship Manager who is dedicated to making sure you have the right coverage that fits your needs and budget on an ongoing basis. This insurance professional has the knowledge and skills to evaluate your business and possible risks to help you create the best protection package available. 

We can arrange an audit analysis to discover risks and possible trouble areas and provide options for protection so you can focus on making your business a success. Our insurance specialists are partnered with most of the top-rated available carriers in your area, so we can compare coverages and prices to tailor custom packages for each client. 

Do you need business insurance in Tampa? If it has been a while since you reviewed your insurance needs, you may need new protections that are lacking, leaving your company vulnerable. Contact Payroll Managers today to arrange a business insurance consultation with our team of insurance specialists.