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How Can PEO Services Help My Small Business?

PEO services in Tampa

A PEO, or professional employer organization, provides full-service human resource outsourcing. Sometimes called employee leasing, the PEO organization contracts with your company to handle numerous HR tasks. This leaves you free to focus on the nuts and bolts of running your business, such as product development and manufacturing, customer relations and more. 

Payroll Managers specializes in Human Resource, Payroll, Insurance and other administrative tasks to free up small- and medium-sized business owners so they can focus on running and growing their business. It is impossible for a business owner to be a specialist in these areas in addition to being an industry leader for their particular skill or service. Payroll Managers handles these vital chores for you, just as we handle them for numerous other companies in the Tampa, Florida, area and all over the United States. 

Plus, at Payroll Managers, we can tailor our services to your needs – no accepting of a larger package because that is the only option. We can write standalone insurance, or provide complete PEO services along with payroll, or handle payroll without PEO; we can carve out any item to better serve you. No other HR firm does this. 

Why Do You Need Our Services? 

PEO services from Payroll Managers provides strategic guidance and up-to-date, professional help with handling vital HR and payroll chores, including: 

Payroll and Taxes
Payroll managers processes your regular company payroll and pays federal, state and local employment taxes, keeping you up-to-date and compliant with tax regulations.

Benefits Administration
The Payroll Managers team takes care of insurance, retirement and other employee benefits, including enrolling employees into these benefits, handling any changes and processing claims on behalf of your company.

Our compliance professionals at Payroll Managers can take care of all the details. This includes payroll tax laws, reporting, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, hiring, HR compliance and more, protecting you from costly penalties and fines.

Human Resources Management
Payroll Managers works with you to share this responsibility, adopting as much authority as you wish to handle HR functions, but leaving you totally in charge of your business. We can also work with any in-house HR team members your business already employs. 

Recruitment and Training
Sometimes called talent management, Payroll Managers can handle the entire hiring and employee training process, including recruitment, strategic hiring, new-hire and ongoing training, performance management and more. 

Why Choose Payroll Managers for PEO Services? 

Payroll Managers is the seasoned choice for a complete HR solution, for any size business in a single location or spread across multiple areas. Our PEO services are designed to bring you real cost savings, increased efficiency and better peace of mind over vital aspects of HR, benefits management and payroll functions that are the key to business success. 

Our team has the superior skills, up-to-date knowledge and professional experience you can depend on to guide your business safely and successfully through the rocks and shoals of compliance, taxes, payroll, safety, benefits administration and more. Plus, no other company can tailor their services to meet your specific needs like we can. 

Do you need PEO services in Tampa? If taking care of HR chores is preventing you from being involved in your business the way you would like, why not give those tasks to us? Contact Payroll Managers today to arrange a PEO consultation with our team of HR specialists.